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Our Mission

To Link Universities around the World

What is T&R?

The purpose of T&R is delivering practical knowledge from internationally renowned experts from academia and industry to provide students and faculty with the best learning opportunities.

T&R offers many services for students & faculty looking to succeed.

We have offices in Australia, the United States, China, Switzerland and India.

Our Vision

To be a Leading Global Education Service Provider (ESP)

Value Added Program

The Value Added Program brings in the partners from Foreign Universities and combines their skills, knowledge and teaching methods to create international study opportunities for students.

In addition to the standard degree, there are dual degrees, double degrees and an integrated masters program that can be pursued through the Value Added Program.


Enhance Knowledge, Enrich Learning, & Empower Universities

What is C-Cube?

C-Cube is a powerful learning software program allowing students to study at their own pace.

C-Cube links content, context and curriculum. The software supports both the teaching staff and the students by using online content with contextual learning through tutorials, quizzes, notetaking & interactivity.

Value Added Programs

We believe that with local and international education, students are better equipped to operate in the world. We’ve created flexible and tailored education programs that suit each student.

International Research

We collaborate with universities around the globe to provide access to grants and funding for research projects. We have a global board of advisors and partner universities around the world to collaborate with.

Integrated Education Solutions

Our C-Cube Learning Platform offers tailored education through content, with context, and tailored to a curriculum.

Professional / Vocational Training

We work with students and faculty to develop critical, useful skills essential for the international workplace.

International Student Recruitment

With teams across India, T&R support students to study overseas while furthering their education.

More About Us

T&R are dedicated to being a Global Education Service Provider offering innovative educational solutions to students and faculties.

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Whether you're a student, parent or from a university, T&R can assist with international research and study.

Our friendly staff at T&R are available to answer any questions.